The 2019 UNIGOU Academic Internship Gathering took place on March 1st in Prague at the Czech Technical University. During the event, Brazilian students participating on the UNIGOU Program had the opportunity to meet other UNIGOUers from different Czech cities and share their experience regarding their stay in the Czech Republic and also the progress of their scientific internships.

Apart from the students, some of their supervisors, members of the Czech academic community and official representatives of local universities, also attended the UNIGOU Gathering and the opening speech belonged to Prof. Škvor, the Vice-Rector of Science – Czech Technical University.

During the UNIGOU Program, Brazilian students joined Czech university departments and, for the period of two to three months, they have been involved in academic activities in the areas of their internships. They could choose from many different fields of interest, such as engineering, chemistry, law, geography, biology, history, economics, etc. Czech universities all around the country (i.e. Prague, Brno, Pilsen, Liberec, České Budějovice, Olomouc and Stráž pod Ralskem) welcomed students from some of the most prestigious Brazilian universities, such as UNICAMP, UFRGS, UFSC, UFRJ, USP, UFV, UFMG and others.

Here are some pictures of the event: