Technical University in Liberec

Technical University in Liberec is located in the north part of the Czech Republic, close to the German borders. It has a long-time tradition of research in close cooperation especially with the textile, mechanical, automotive and related industries. Also, considering its geographical position, it frequently engages in cross-borded projects. The University nowadays has 6 faculties and one specialized institute dealing with nanomaterials, advanced technologies and innovation.

8 Unigouers has been welcomed at this University this year. They have been working on development of the projects at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and at Faculty of Economics.

Meet the Unigouers from this University and check the outcomes of their projects below.


Beatriz Ferreira Mendes 1
Beatriz Ferreira Mendes from UNICAMP developed project about Determination of the impact of Lean Concepts – Clean – Green
Pedro Henrique Ponzoni Favero 1
Pedro Henrique Ponzoni Favero from UFSC developed project about the use of Microsoft Kinect in ergonomic studies
William Garcia Alves 2
William Garcia Alves from UFSC developed project about the study of ploughing forces on the flank face of cutting tools
Tamiris Ortean Lima 2
Tamiris Ortean Lima from FAJ developed project about Manufacturing of composites with fillers in the form of microfibres (glass, carbon and basalt) and testing their mechanical and physical properties
Guilherme Isaamu Nascimento Kishida 2
Guilherme Isaamu Nascimento Kishida from EPUSP developed project about Retail management in the European Union
Mauro Victor Barboza 2
Mauro Victor Barboza from UNICAMP developed project about Chassis construction of Vehicles
Lucas Sossai 2
Lucas Sossai from USP developed project about implementation of a fault detection principles on 3D DLP printer
Juliana Zanetti Fonseca 1
Juliana Zanetti Fonseca from UNIFEI developed research of the International Market in the field of jewellery accessories (manufacturing and sale)


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