Henrique Patusco joined the UNIGOU Program in the first half of 2017 and below you can read about his research developed in the Czech Republic.

Project topic: Follower Drone

Project summary:

My project is about developing a code so that a Drone is able to follow a target. This target is essentially a stuck tag on anything you may want to follow. To do this, we have first to have an Autopilot running on the Drone. Then, we need to find where our target is. Finally, we can develop the code that merges these two things and make the autopilot define the target as it’s reference. Thankfully, there are a lot of open source autopilots already implemented and also for the tag recognizer. So, how does it works? I opted for using a framework called ROS-Robotic Operating System to do this task. ROS organizes code as Nodes, and each Node can communicate with others to do everything you want. In our case, the ardrone_autonomy package contains all the functions that we can use to extract and send data to the AR_drone. The tum_ardrone depends on the first package and implements the autopilot and the tag recognizer. Finally, our package contains the function that goes ahead and use the tag recognizer to actually follow the tag.

UNIGOU - Presentation poster 2017 - Henrique Patusco