Marcela Campos joined the UNIGOU Program in the first half of 2017 and below you can read about her research developed in the Czech Republic.

Project topic: Water Bodies in the Urban Area of Pilsen

Project summary:

My research consist to analyse what is the spatial structure of 4 types of water bodies (Garden Swimming pools; garden ponds; rain retention ponds; and public swimming pools and ponds) in the urban area of Plzen 2 (Slovany) and Plzen 8 (Cernice), and wich urban characteristics, like population, area and typology, affect the spatial structure of those water bodies. It may seems a simple analysis, but the corelation between water bodies and urban units can be used to indirectly quantifying the anthropogenic impact on the environment, in an ecological, climatic and socio-cultural way.

UNIGOU - Presentation poster 2017 - Marcela Campos