Ricardo Ouvinã joined the UNIGOU Program in the first half of 2017 and below you can read about his research developed in the Czech Republic.

Project topic: Measurement of 3D profiles of objects by using 2D laser profilometer

Project summary:

Profilometer is a measuring instrument used to measure a surface’s profile, in order to quantify its roughness. An optical profilometer is a non-contact method for providing much of the same information as a stylus based profilometer Optical profilometers do not touch the surface and therefore cannot be damaged by surface wear or careless operators. Many non-contact Profilometers are solid-state which tends to reduce the required maintenance significantly. For small steps and requirements to do 3D scanning, because the non-contact profilometer does not touch the surface the scan speeds are dictated by the light reflected from the surface and the speed of the acquisition electronics. To acquire a good measurement resolution is necessary to achieve a laser spot diameter on the object’s surface as small as possible, and to do so, a good arrangement of lens is necessary. On this project is also going to be used a Gauss-to-Top Hat beam shaper lens that turn a gaussian beam profile laser and turns it into as uniform distributed profile beam, what hopefully will help to get an even better resolution of the measurement.

UNIGOU - Presentation poster 2017 - Ricardo Ouvina